Alexander and Deppie Stavrakakis

After six years of waiting and research on companies in Greece and abroad, we have chosen the KOFINAS Company.

The choice not only has vindicated us but it was above our expectations.

From the first moment we realize that we were dealing with honest, professional and serious people, who know their job well and respect the customer.

Whatever was agreed was complied, they were quick, consistent and exemplary.

We had our house in 25 days, complete and functional. All the people of the company who worked on our house were professional, gentle, cooperative and it seemed that KOFINAS Company is not consistent only towards its customers but its staff as well.

The construction quality is impeccable. Everything was used in the construction (frames, wardrobes, kitchen furniture) was excellent and very beautiful. The company is actively present during the construction giving solutions and making proposals for improvement from problems that caused by our own inexperience or omission.

We have, admittedly, the most beautiful house in the village.

Within a month more than 40 people have visited our house and were thrilled by the quality of the construction.

We wish from the bottom of our hearts KOFINAS Company to continue the good work and to build even more houses with love and professionalism that distinguishes them.

Thanks for all,
Alexander and Deppie Stavrakakis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here