Giannis and Takis Panagopoulos

Concerning the construction of our house at Tsouleika area of the city of Patra, our view about KOFINAS Company is the best.

It provides great professional equipment covering all the technical demands of the construction. In addition to this, all the employees were available at any time willing to help us and answer to all our questions. Their courtesy and their directness ensured us, which we made the right choice in order to get real one of our greatest dreams.

Furthermore, we could not forget to mention to the headmaster of this terrific company, Mr. Michael Kofinas who became our “man”. He was there, during all the time of the construction and we believe that through his kindness manages to run the best business of prefabricated houses.

Mr Michael, Evgenia, Kostas, Pigi, Andrew and all the others who helped, thank you…

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here