Andreas Melachroinos

The constructional stages of a dwelling are usually laborious and demanding procedures. The customer’s interest focuses on the quality, production values and best corporate and business practices, and generally in a high-profile solution that meets the requirements but also highlights the flexibility and responsiveness to personalized approach. One approach, summarized in this case, that was based on high customer demand, extensive labor processes and optimum results. These characterize our overall cooperation with the KOFINAS Company.

The selection of this company was based upon its good practices, of the genuine and complete understanding of our requirements and the multi-faceted and multilevel support that it was offered. The company responded to the base of a structured program of ideas, proposals and solutions that were evaluated in mechanical, architectural and aesthetic level by the highly trained staff and partners, thus demonstrating its leading market position. Our indissoluble communicative relationship is due to Mr. Michalis Kofinas, a key person who clarified our queries, offered creative ideas and gave operational solutions and Mrs. Maria Bougiotopoulou that with her background knowledge helped to shape the final solution and fully supervised it.

The main and the individual manufacturing processes characterized by accuracy of time and effect, unfailing quality at each stage and pure professionalism. Features credited to the construction project coordinator Mr. Costas Kofinas and colleagues. It would be a clear omission not providing individualized reference to them as they contributed substantially and qualitatively to completion. By extension, we would like to thank for their overall contribution: the veteran Mr. Andreas, brothers Panagiotis and Yannis, the duo of house painters Costel and Gheorghe, Christos and anyone that, unwittingly, we disremember at this point.

Our ultimate goal was to achieve a balance of constructional and aesthetic level. An attainment credited exclusively to the corporate partner and personal friend Theodore Samartzis. With his multilayered artistic flair, he contributed decisively to the final configuration of external and internal spaces, the chromatic balance and the distinctness of textures. The end result, indisputably, justifies his selections and counsel.

In conclusion, the repetition of what of we mentioned above would be a usual banality. What remains in our experience is the absolute confidence and a cordial thanks to a company with dominant values the customer – centric culture, dialogue, the thorough analysis of proposals and solutions and the excellent service. Our choice met our expectations, convincing us for the corporate reliability and the potential of KOFINAS Company.

Warm regards,
Andreas Melachroinos

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here