Impressions from the House I Constructed

I decided to construct my 90 sqm house in Eksamilia Korinthias with Kofinas Company and I’m writing about my impressions.

Because of the rough times, it’s dangerous to risk your money if you deal with con artists and bankrupt construction companies.

Not only I did not regret cooperating with Kofinas SA but I thank The Lord to bring me there and build a prefabricated house getting rid of my prior prejudice. What we agreed on was absolutely fulfilled at max. The materials use was certified, from reputable companies. He never cheated on me construction – wise or financially even though he could have based on various details that were unclarified.

We had a great collaboration with Mr. Michalis Kofinas and his family members Kostas, Pigi, Eugenia. The house was delivered within 35 days, on schedule; it came out like I wanted it, sound proof, thermally insulated, human.

Regarding the staff, I was amazed by their technical training, consistency, hardworking and politeness. Good houses are created not only using modern factories, good designs and ideas, but also in collaboration with good and capable employees.

Nothing was done in a sloppy way, not a single flaw. After all that, I am sure that even if I constructed 100 houses, they would be wooden prefabricated and only with Mr. Kofinas. The man is professional. Should you decide to construct a house, you should definitely visit Kofinas.


This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here