Vagia Papapostolou

Vagia Papapostolou

It has been one month since we’ve settled in our new house and I would like to say a few things according to my opinion and thinking.

When we decided to obtain our house and the idea of prefabricated construction was put on the table, I am obliged to say that I was quite cautious. I had no idea how they were made of. I started a long research of prefab companies. I’ve spoken to many constructors concerning the manufacturing, the time of completion, specifications and the cost. I have visited quite a few prefab houses. So the time had come for Kofinas company. The first impression was from their website and it was very good. When we were talking on the phone they were informative and clear.

When we first met and I don’t want to speak at great length, what made me to take that decision was the flexibility of design and the adjustment to our desires, the good will and good service, the examples of their work, their staidness and their long experience. After that we came to an agreement. After the first samples we saw the house we always dreamed of on the paper! Now, one thing was left, to see it in real.

The house was supposed to be delivered in 40 days, but we had the key of the house on the 26th day! The way the people were working during those 26 days had nothing to do with the way we are used to the concrete construction.

All of them were working straight 10 hours a day. Experienced, fast, detailed and always willing to answer any – even silly – question. They didn’t give us hard time at all. Without any resentment everything was done according to our command. They satisfied every of our quizzicalness and gave a solution in order to fulfill everything we asked.

Today in Antifilipous Kavalas we are proud of 82 m2 with 55 m2 attic house for its functionality and good taste. We thank all the people of Kofinas company. We are certain that from now on they will be there whenever we need them.

Our best regards,
Vagia Papapostolou
Antifilipoi Kavalas

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here