Manolis and Aphrodite Skordouli

Manolis and Aphrodite Skordouli

I will tell you a story that came true: Once upon a time there was a family, that always wanted to leave Athens and move into their mothers village but they kept postponing it.

An unlikely event forces them to move. They bought a piece of land and started making plans about what to build and how to build it but something was missing. Then Aphrodite, their daughter, found online kofinas company and after browsing some houses they decided on the final design. In reality it is far superior to what is depicted on the computer design. Everything is perfect, ground to top. The staff was polite, happy and always eager to apply and changes when requested.

We would like to thank Manolis and Aphrodite Skordouli Giota and Aphrodite Sotirious “mother and grandmother” especially kofinas brothers everything they have done for us. Hope you come visit us again.

Mouzaki Karditsas

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here