George Papazafiropoulos

I contacted Mr. Kofinas for the construction of my house as a 1-story apartment on a pre-existing building. The main reason was the lower cost and fast delivery times.

The final decision was made after a conversation with Mr. Kofinas, who persuaded my about the advantages of a prefabricated house. From the moment that all details were settled and the construction began, in a period of less than two months the house had already been delivered. All the workers were polite and cooperative, like everyone else in the company. In general lines, the customer service was superb and I would recommend Kofinas Company to anyone interested. One piece of advice: for any clarifications, mainly of financial nature, the communication should be done in person, inside the company offices, to avoid misunderstandings. Having good will, all mishaps can be smoothly resolved.

George Papazafiropoulos

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here