Tasos and Vasw Matrapazidi

What can someone say about KOFINAS company?

So many things, impossible to sum up briefly!

For us, the soul of the company is Nikos Kofinas! He is the silent power! Present everywhere and always available! Nikos provides Michalis with power, to appear as the one and only! The one that welcomes you, closes the deals, manages human and material resources. Sticking always to the schedules with honesty, fidelity and trust so that the end result comes out magnificent!

Nikos and Michalis efforts are embraced and completed by a team of experienced scientists and technicians. Those people have learnt not only to share their time, but also their knowledge working with consistency in order to give flesh and bones to the artistic designs of the architects. They make every customers dream come true, a beautiful modern and sturdy home.

When the company team finishes the construction, they deliver to you “your dream alive” At that moment, not only you have “the house of your dreams”, but you have also acquired new friends, that you want to keep in your soul forever. We know that we are experiencing some rough times, regarding not only building a house but also making new friends.

We however, we consider ourselves lucky, having accomplished both!

A wish for you:

  • Always stay the way you are today!
  • United, loving, friendly, consistent, honest, trustworthy, masters of technical support and so on.
  • “United we are”
  • Much strength and keep it up all of you!

Distomo Viotias
Tasos and Vasw Matrapazidi

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here