Vasilis Tasoulis

The idea of the prefabricated construction was suggested to me from the office of the statistics studies to which I applied for durability control. Also I asked them to study the possibility of extension of the existing house since 1975, by adding two floors.

The results concerning the weight and the earthquake resistance were abstract.

When I visited KOFINAS Company and saw the exhibition houses and the construction materials I had a very good impression.

My decision of dealing with KOFINAS had to do with the character and quality of the people that work for this company.

The results justified my decision.

Everything was perfect (time schedule – quality of materials – financial agreements) as it was agreed.

The good attitude, the willingness and professionalism of everybody but most of all the sincerity were the basic characteristics of our collaboration.

Friend Michalis,
I would be very honored if you include my letter into your website.

I have only compliments to say for you and your companions and I want to wish you the best for the future.

My best regards,
Vasilis Tasoulis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here