Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia

Stathis Matselos

1-story house in Moschato

The first acquaintance with Mr. Michalis was strange, we did not believe that what he told us corresponded to reality at first. We made a 2nd, 3rd appointment, the man explained everything to us and gave us solutions due to the limitations we had.

There were some minor problems as in all collaborations but everything was overcome with the help of Costas Kofinas who on the first day told us “YOUR HOUSE THAT IS MADE IS LIKE I MAKE MY OWN”, initially disbelief but now after the delivery of the house he meant every word he said then. Who was by our side in everything and helped us in various problems with ideas and solutions outside his area of ​​responsibility.

The people who worked at home from Spyros the American (as I learned him) Stefanos Vlachos in the extra electrical work we did and A. Kaloutas in the heating-cooling were all professionals and everything next to us.

After this collaboration, apart from home, I also gained two good friends, Kostas K. and Stefanos V.

In conclusion, I have to say that in the money we were where we had agreed from the beginning without deviations, the houses are energy that no matter what they tell you, you do not believe what you see with the result.

Thank you for what you did for us !!!

Stathis Matselos