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Harris & Maria Theologi

June 2020 Aigio

We considered it our duty to capture the impressions we gained from our partnership with Kofinas and and perhaps that way we could objectively help all those who are thinking or dreaming of building their own home.

Our first contact with the company made us feel safe and secure so that we could trust them to build the house we wanted and our expectations were not dashed.

At the beginning of the work we really felt that the construction of our house became a family affair as all the technicians and associates of the company were always willing, smiling and ready to advise us and listen to us. Everything went smoothly, without any problems and the house was completed on schedule despite the objective difficulty that existed in terms of access to the plot and the transport of materials. The materials used were certified materials of superior quality and the best available in the domestic and foreign markets.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts one by one those who contributed to the construction and completion of our home, with the end result exceeding our expectations.

I don’t know if the construction of a house by the company Kofinas is a one-way street with many lanes, but the sure thing is that it is the most correct and safe way that one can choose to build the house of one’s dreams!

We wish the Kofinas family and its people health and strength so that they can continue in the future to offer their knowledge and services with honesty and dignity, as they have been doing for years !!!

Thank you very much!!!

Harris & Maria Theologi