Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia

Despina Vassiliadou


When we decided that we wanted to build a house that was not conventional, we started looking for and doing market research.

First on the internet. We saw all the websites of prefabricated house companies. We searched them all thoroughly. The first impression was “KOFINAS”. Everything we read was absolutely professional and exuded confidence and confidence !!! But you do not decide on your new home just because of the impressions from the internet. So we went to the second phase, the field research.

We made an appointment with as many companies as we had not turned down in the first phase and went to chat up close.

We visited several companies, we saw several ways to build and set up prefabricated houses. The company KOFINAS won in this phase as well. The way of presenting the whole project, the knowledge of the subject, the experience was obvious in the long meeting we had with them.

With the on-site visit to one of the houses of the company KOFINAS that is located in the offices of the company, we finally decided. AND WE DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE !!!

During the installation of the house and until the completion of the works we found that the agreed was fully observed, we found the 1 # quality materials used which were the guarantee for the final result as well as the human treatment and the perfect cooperation from the KOFINAS team. There was nothing that we asked for in the context of the possible that they did not implement.

So, right now, we have a house that we really enjoy, a house that is warm, even if it has temperatures close to 0 (zero) outside and with minimal energy consumption, no humidity, with a great breeze, in short a house that you enjoy to enjoy !!!

Finally, in truth we did NOT MAKE A MISTAKE !!! If we rebuilt, again we would assign with KOFINAS SA, for our house !!!

Despina Vassiliadou

Myrina Lemnos