Prokataskeuasmena spitia KOFINAS SA, Energeiaki apodosi, antiseismika, xamili katanalwsi, villa,oikologiki katoikia

Christos Pasiopoulos

We collaborated with the company KOFINAS and built the house of our dreams. We were extremely satisfied with the result and the organization of the company. What had been agreed was judged in its entirety.

Mr. Michalis is a good professional, with knowledge in the subject “home”, always with kindness and meekness to guide us and advise us in design.

George Halas designed a wonderful house. As difficult as we gave him, he designed and adapted them so that we had the result we wanted.

Christos Theocharakis was everywhere, any time we needed him, ready to “put out” fires or to fix something that had escaped.

Pigi Kofina, cooperated with us, in finances, always polite.

Mr. Nikos Kofinas, a melancholy character, from what we understood with very good knowledge of the subject, an assistant to the maximum for the completion of the project. He took us out of a very difficult position, talking in his own way to our new neighbor!

Costas Kofinas, with courtesy, training, always fast and efficient.

And all the other associates of the company KOFINAS, either within the company or external associates (do not look for others, that they will recommend you to KOFINAS), did a wonderful job. All experienced, polite, right professionals, fast in their work and all with kindness and happy faces!

Special mention should be made of Theodore Samartzis who guided all the crews, in all the details. He was always at our disposal, whenever we needed him to correct us but also to calm us down in our anxiety. It was the calm force! Having Theodore, we were sure of the result of any change.

Thank you very much everyone !!!

Ch. Pasiopoulos