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Kostas Margaritis Alexandra Bandalouka

Athens, 5 june 2020

Mr. Michalis, good morning,

When three years ago we decided to build a small house in the village of Agios Arsenios in Naxos, we did not think at all about the case of a prefabricated house. The architect who commissioned her to design the house suggested that we build a stone or wooden house, in order to take advantage of all the squares of the building that our small plot of land allowed us to use. So we abandoned the conventional construction of concrete.

A new field was opening for us, that of prefabricated wooden houses (after the rejection of the stone version) which we began to study and research first through the internet and then through contacts with the respective companies in the industry. Until we decided to visit you. The exhibition of the houses, which you have placed so diligently in Agia Paraskevi, was extremely attractive. The construction details, the quality of the building materials as well as the aesthetic result that was harmonized with ours, impressed us. But the contact we had with you afterwards was decisive. Your personality, Mr. Michalis, fascinated us. You have filled us with optimism, confidence and above all relaxation that everything can be done calmly without stress and difficulties. Even for the narrowness that characterized the location of our plot (narrow streets, access to materials, etc.) you had a solution. We had no doubt at the end of the discussion that you would build our house in Naxos. Kofinas company was a guarantee for us for a pioneering solution, complete and quality.

It was the only option for us, as it turned out later in practice, because it was impossible to complete a house on the island, while we lived in Athens, in such a short time. Regardless of the spectacular way of completing the construction as planned and supported at all stages by you, I must admit that the seasonality that characterizes the construction in Naxos, the development of the island in recent years, and the inadequacy of labor in construction makes It is very difficult to complete a private residence because in fact priority is given to business premises (hotels, rooms to let), which are permanent customers.

All your workshops are worthy of congratulations for the patience, perseverance and skill they showed during the transport and installation of the materials in our hard-to-reach places in all phases of the work. The loyalty they show in the name of the company, their specialized experience from your long-term cooperation, filled us with confidence, security and undoubted success for the end result. As the project progressed, it became clear to us that our house, although small, was quite difficult to design and complex with factor sides and uneven parts. Nevertheless, your people worked tirelessly and non-stop, striving for the best, satisfying our every desire. Congratulations!

Our construction, which started on February 26 and aimed to be completed by April 10 at the latest to prevent the start of the tourist season on the island, was in the middle of the coronation pandemic and now faced with all the difficulties that arose from the relevant prohibitions. The problems are big. But the efforts of all of you to move the project forward were particularly impressive. We have performed a small miracle against all adversity, social distancing and the idiosyncratic conditions created by the unprecedented restrictions of the pandemic.

Our close and excellent cooperation even from this distance Athens – Naxos gave solutions and contributed decisively to the smooth completion of the construction.

We had problems with shortages of materials that we had decided on and we had to replace them with other, through photographs, purchase of additional materials on the island, transport of an unaccompanied parcel to the ship to do everything properly.

The only observation we have to make is this: Our house was designed by our selection engineers, who in your honor agreed to undertake its construction, working closely together and accepting their plans. In our opinion, this made the presence of one of your engineers-supervisors necessary throughout the implementation of the project. We think that its presence would ensure the proper implementation of the plans, would deal with unpredictable construction issues in practice and would eliminate mistakes and omissions. However, the circumstances did not allow us to do so. This work was undertaken by the crews themselves and they carried it out with skill. Remarkable craftsmen all with a common characteristic of kindness, serenity, hard work and effective cooperation. All of them are very capable. Everyone in their field. Of course, nothing would have happened if it were not for your supportive force, which in your own way nullified the distance.

Our house is “a small diamond” in Naxos, as you rightly described it, and we and other people who have been watching his progress every day with curiosity agree completely.

Nothing was left to chance, you satisfied our every wish with the above, such as e.g. the hatch that was not in our original plans.

However, our desire to make everything from your own craftsmen was respected without special formalities. This is the big – very important difference that characterizes your company. Bend over your customer with love and make sure he doesn’t get stressed and stay satisfied until the end. The construction is going on and everything is completed “through the magic wand” !!! This is our final impression. There was an overrun on the island. You have demolished the well-known proverb “whoever did not build a house knows nothing”



With appreciation

Kostas Margaritis

Alexandra Bandalouka