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George Vangelatos

Agia Paraskeui, 17 july, 2020

2 years ago we started to realize one of our dreams: To build our own cottage in the village. The company Kofinas – Prefabricated Houses was the means to achieve this goal.

From the first moment we got in touch, they showed us all the possible solutions and guided us to make the right decision, so that the project could start and be completed based on what had been agreed from the beginning.

A “Thank you” is not enough to describe the professionalism and consistency of the company from the beginning of our discussions until the moment of completion of the project.

From the quality of the materials to the professionalism and the consistency of the workshops are what every interested person needs which characterize the company Kofinas – Prefabricated Houses.

Keep up the good work, your market needs it,

George Vangelatos