Customer comments

Real testimonials from families that entrusted us their homes

Dimitris Petrellis


With the completion of the construction of our home dock, I would like to thank you for your conscientiousness with an impressive result. I will refer to the following points:
  • At the time of construction that was within the agreed limits, that is 35 days for 130 square meters of housing.
  • Co-ordination between your partners was exemplary and we were not tired at any stage of construction.
  • Excellent build quality – and certified – according to the certificates you issued and to the opinion of our friendly technicians.
  • The behavior of your workshops was extremely professional and impeccable at all levels.
  • The answers to all our questions, flawless and specific.

Although I am spiteful in good words, I must confess that KOFINAS is “worth it”.  

Finally, speaking with friends and relatives, I welcome our cooperation with a special mention to your partners, starting with:  

<< all weather and ubiquitous >> POLYGERAGE, Kostas Kofinas.

Also to the artist and multi-talented Theodoris and to all of your people who worked with us, to your daughter Eugenia and to the silent work of your brother Nikos and daughter Pigi.  


Dimitris Petrelis


Please share my letter with Messrs. Nikos and Kostas Kofina.

Aravantinos Stavros

Excellent cooperation, great professionals, prompt service and quick coordination on what happened to our home in Kefalonia. Aravantinos Stavros

Manolis Tsaggatos

House of Chios


A few days ago Kofinas handed me the keys to my new home! So … a dream came true. The result also corresponds to the expectations I had.

Two and a half years ago, when I was still looking and searching amongst many companies and engineering consultants, I chose Kofinas, because I was first gained by the interest and knowledge of the people, Mr Michalis and Eugenia. I was convinced they were doing the best. That they want the best for me. Mr Michael’s phrase, “Manolis, I’m not selling cheap homes, selling good homes” has been imprinted on me. And he was right!

In a second phase I gained the understanding of these people. When I had to deal with delays in the issue of the building permit due to archeology and also because of the bank for the issue of the loan, Eugenia always faced patience with all the situations. In addition, her knowledge helped to improve her home plan to fully meet my needs.

In the third phase, I won the quality of construction, the high quality materials they use, the speed of building, the professionalism and the solvency of words and actions. We agreed, at the price we agreed. Kostas is very helpful in the construction site.

Personally, I thank Kofinas, Michalis, Eugenia, Kostas and all the employees who helped me to enjoy my home today.


Yours sincerely

Manolis Tsaggatos


Mr. Michalis Kofinas


519 Mesogeion Avenue

153 43 St. Friday, Attica

T: 210-6081307

Dear Mr. Kofinas,

I am late in your letter of 18/6/2019 because I was absent on a trip.

I would like to thank you for our successful cooperation, but also for your co-ordination with other collaborators. Your immediate response to the assignment was decisive and I would like to congratulate you on the excellent result you delivered as a result of the consistency and professionalism you have shown.

The personal contact and collaboration that I had with you and your executives was for me a pleasant experience.

Thank you all to KOFINAS SA which you contributed to the reconstruction of the Sports Center in Neo Voutza.

Yours sincerely,

Eleftherios Hatzopoulos


Loukas Giorgos

Having now entered my new country house, I confirm every passing day for the choice I made to work with Kofinas. There is no more reward when strangers stop for asking me information about the house. Usually most of them end up in the same question … which company did it and if I’m happy …
So why Kofinas? I answer them …

  • It is distinguished by the high quality of construction and materials
  • Professionalism at all stages of completion
  • Flexibility in home design
  • Full transparency (what you agree to pay)
Those who have been building a home in the traditional way understand how important the above are. Thank you very much for making our dream come true …

Loukas Giorgos

Apostolos Ballas

After a market survey, we chose Kofinas company. Our cooperation was generally satisfying. We have to give our special congratulations to the foreman Mr Theodore Samartzis and the woodworker Mr Sergio, who made the closets and the kitchen.

Thank you,

Apostolos Ballas

Anastasia and Dionisis

The decision to buy our own home was not easy. It was more of a dream that was removed from its realization as much as we knew the establishment of the building.

Until our visit to Kofinas who gave us hope. The knowledge of the subject, the high professionalism, the solutions, the choices, the support and the friendly approach have won us.

But the profit was also ours when we saw the realization of a quality and elegant construction in an inconceivably short time. Excellent experience that was crowned by Mr. Michael’s characteristic “warmth”.

We thank Kofinas who helped us in such a painless way to make a dream come true.

Anastasia and Dionisis


Athens, 10/04/2019

We would like to thank Kofinas SA for our excellent cooperation in the construction of our residence in Lagonissi.

The whole process went smoothly and there was complete understanding both with the management and with the company’s crews.

The only point where a delay was observed was the issuing of the building permit.

Of course, the result has compensated us, as we have been very pleased.

Yours sincerely,


Hamid Motamedi

I’m an Iranian engineer that is currently living on the beautiful coast of Viyeti near Athens. I have had the experience of building multiple houses in Los Angeles, Tehran, and lately in Viyeti.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Kofinas team helping me with building my dream house in Greece. The Kofinas team is composed of the most friendly group of professionals that can help you with all aspects of your construction; from foundation to swimming pool and landscaping. My personal experience with Kofinas team has been the most memorable one amongst all of my construction experiences. They were friendly, reasonably priced, responsible, and always on time from the excavation, foundation, framing(prefabricated walls and pieces), plumbing & electrical, finishes such as cabinetry, tile works, plaster and painting through swimming pools and gorgeous landscaping. Every single contractor that was selected by Mr. Kofinas was great; however, the most friendly, helpful, and wonderful person was Mr. Kofinas himself that personally arranges and supervises every step of the construction alongside you.

I recommend the Kofinas team to anyone who is planning on building their dream house in Greece.

Hamid Motamedi

Nikolaos and Aggela

The company Kofinas, with its perfectly coordinated and organized garages, has successfully succeeded in completing our home faster than we believed. For this teamwork we thank everyone who worked for the construction of our home. But especially a great thumbs up for Mr. Michalis because we agreed on the first day was fully honored.<\p>

Yours sincerely<\p>

Angela A.<\p>

Nikolaos PT.<\p>

Kapellos Sotirios and Kapellou Melpomeni

We thank Kofina prefabricated houses for the construction and quality of the home in Amarynthos Evia

Yours sincerely

Kapellos Sotirios

Kapellou Melpomeni

Stavros Papathanasiou

Professionality, credibility and, most importantly, the excellent cooperation of all those who worked to make our home a short time, are some of the key features of the company.

For all the above reasons, I would like to warmly thank KOFINAS for the realization of our dream.

Papathanasiou Stavros

Giannis and Eleni

The Pitsoulis family from Itea Fokidas wants to thank your company for your home! A house was our dream but the house you built is beyond that … !!

We described it in general and you helped us to design it up to the finest detail !!!

We did not focus on the construction piece, because you are also the best of us personally! Your masonry is the best! In combination with the frames, we have the perfect sound insulation (and note that we are next to a church) and as far as the insulation is concerned, a 150 square 2-storey house is heated with an energy stove without any piping system in the rest of the house!

The spaces are designed with the smallest detail for our needs and with materials of the best quality. Everyone who worked for our home was gentle, beside us that we wanted them and they found solutions to all the problems that arose without stressing us. Not only in knowledge but also in experience are all the best. The crews had impeccable programming and quality of work, which, unfortunately, is unlike in our country.

In 2 months our house was ready! I’m already 1 month in and we’re glad!

Thank you very much K. Michalis Kofinas, Eugenia, Thanasis, Georgia, Kostas, Pigi, Thodoris …

We are very pleased first of all that we met you and after you helped us to live happily in this wonderful place !!

Thank you,

Giannis – Eleni

Fotis – Faidra – Nektarios Efstathios

Zarras Christos and Kanaki Kalomoira

On the occasion of completing the construction of our home, we would like to thank the company KOFINAS, which in a very short time made the dream of a life a reality.

Our staff and associates were very polite, hardworking and consistent. Any problems that occurred and we were troubled temporarily were resolved immediately and without charge.

The house that Kofinas built us, according to our friends’ comments, is a gem in our neighborhood!

Special thanks to our engineer Maria and our Forerunner Thodoris for their help at every step!

Zarras Christos

Kanaki Kalomoira

Marselos Konstantinos


We would like to thank you for your cooperation.

We have taken the home from KOFINAS in record time. IMPECCABLE.

That he promised he did.

Yours sincerely

Kostas Marselos

Katerina Iliadi

We have trusted Kofinas to build a 115m2 residence in Messinia.

The project was a country house of the highest standards, including outside countries and a swimming pool, the project of which was concluded with the engineers of Kofinas and an exterior decorator..

After a lot of thought, we chose the solution of the prefabricated house, because it offers stable construction, speed and economy, while we chose Kofinas because of its long experience in the field and the professionalism that showed in all of our discussions.

We were completely satisfied with the outcome, our cooperation with the collaborators and responsible contractors, the speed of construction, the quality of the materials, transparency in all charges and the direct response of the company to all our desires and questions.

A big thank you to the company Kofinas and all its partners!

Katerina Iliadi

Check here the presentation of the house

Apostolia and Katerina Karpouzopoulou

Our first picture with KOFINAS company started with the already finished home of my sister and groom in Porto Rafti, from which we were surprised by the result and the delivery time. Then, my mother and I said we should dare to realize our own “dream”.

Our personal contact with the company began in October 2017, when we closed the deal. It took a long time, unfortunately, for the demolition and construction permits to be issued by the civil engineer of the company (GC), resulting in a delay for the time of delivery of the house.

This delay created a number of thoughts from our side, but when the work started, in early August 2018, the optimism and the smile on our lips came back to see that our dream is gradually being realized.

All the people who worked for the construction of our home were pleasant, eager, helpful and we thank you very much for it.

The foreman of the company, Artemis Kavalaris, was the main pillar of our home and its realization. He was very communicative and cooperative. For everything we needed or wanted, he was always close to us in order to fulfill our desires. Throughout this time, Eugenia Kofina helped us very much, who was always smiling and willing to help and give us a quick and effective solution to any problem that arose.

The only complaint we could express on our part and for future avoidance of complaints to the company was the absence of our civil engineer in the construction of the house.

The delivery time, from the moment the construction works on our land started, took about 40 days, as confirmed. In September 2018, we were finally found with our new home.

The result is the image of the house. And the image, is what we had really dreamed of.

We thank Kofinas company for the realization of our dream …

Apostolia & Katerina Karpouzopoulou

Alexandros and Nikoleta

In general, everything went well. Extremely crews as well as children supervising the work (Kostas and Artemis) …

What I really think is worth avoiding the craft of every craftsman … they are almost automated …

Thank you very much for the beautiful house they made us.

Alexander and Nicoletta

Mpela Likoudi

We addressed Kofinas to build our country house in Kefalonia.

We are very pleased with the right choice we made for the following important reasons:

1) kidness

2) Responsibility

3) Associated concert and cooperation with all companies of the company

Finally, we wholeheartedly wish Kofinas the best because it really deserves it.

Likoudi Mpela

Soldatou Stamata

Our experience with KOFINAS was impeccable. They managed in a short time to make us the home of our dreams.

The collaboration was professional and we did not have any problems.

I would like to thank Mr Kofinas for his excellent cooperation.

Soldatou Stamata

Thodoros and Elena

We thank all the people of KOFINAS SA very much.

Our home has surpassed our expectations, and our cooperation with our specialists has covered all our questions.

We strongly recommend that you consult them before deciding on your new home.

Thodoros – Elena

Mary Zenzefyli

My collaboration with Kofinas company really surpassed my expectations!

The company managed to effectively combine the quality of construction with delivery at the pre-agreed times, something extremely rare in the country we live in. Also, the professionals with whom we collaborated and their know-how upgraded the prefabricated house to a level that I believe is higher than that of the classic and usual way of building houses in Greece.

Congratulations to all of you! Continue making the difference! You have brought our family’s dreams to life in a great way!

Vassilis & Nancy

Mr M. Kofinas,

As we promised you, after one year that we have stayed in the house that we had the honor of having it constructed by your company, we are now able to give you our comments.

We would like to say with surprise that we have been impressed so far by good sound insulation and excellent energy efficiency.

The materials used are generally of high quality and the same goes for their installation.

Those who worked for the construction of our home were willing and helpful and we thank them for it.

Thank you very much for your contribution to our dream.

Yours sincerely

Vassilis & Nancy

P.S. – Any problems that may arise in the future, we are sure that will be rectified with your cooperation and assistance.

Kostas and Stavriani

Kyparissia, June 2018

Our own home was for us a dream of life. After much thought and research, we decided to go to Kofinas SA.

We were very sceptical at first, but as soon as our cooperation began, it was obvious that we made the right choice. In just a month’s work, we received the house that we’ve been dreaming about for years. Quality, cooperation, reliability, people … everything was perfect !!

Thank you through our heart!

Kostas and Stavriani

Evaggelos and Athina Psarra

Thanks to the Kofinas company that in a short period of time has made our virgin reality.

Excellent service and timetable. Surely in the near future we will work again.


Evaggelos and Athina Psarra

George and Katerina

We addressed Kofinas to our country residence.

We were very happy with the times of home delivery, construction and energy efficiency.

The very positive of our cooperation was the incredible courtesy and care to solve any problem, especially from the Kofinas family and from all the other partners.

George and Katerina

Georgios Ferentinos

I would like to thank from my heart Kofinas (Prefabricated) and personally Mr. Michalis Kofinas for the really excellent cooperation we had. The professionalism and flawless behavior of his associates helped us complete our home quickly and correctly, as agreed.

Thank you

Ferentinos Georgios

Vaggelis Rodopoulos

The construction of a house is considered to be a very hard task.

KOFINAS SA made this task seem easy like a child’s play.

The good coordination of the crews, the good material quality and the professionalism of almost all the crews resulted in a quality house that was created in record time of JUST two months.

Vaggelis Rodopoulos

House in Porto Rafti

The construction of a new home is not a simple matter, it needs a series of formal and practical actions that should be organized in order to have a correct and economical construction result. Kofinas makes this process as easy as possible and from the very beginning of the design of the house up to its delivery everything went well and pleasantly and delivery was made at the agreed time. The company’s guarantee is additional security for the future. The co-ordination of the crews was impeccable and with little intervention on our part the result was very good. We built the house we always wanted, a modern small house of 81sqm with large windows and, so far, our stay there has confirmed our opinion in the best way. Special attention is paid to the impeccable insulation and how warm we are in the winter with very low heating costs.


Organized! Fast! Polite!

You made our dream come true!

Thank you very much!


Christos – Alexandra Mpei

We would like to thank KOFINAS company for the construction of our house in Polydameio of Farsala. They are distinguished by their kindness, consistency and professionalism. We had an excellent cooperation. We have not stayed at our home, we hope it is as functional as it looks.

Mpeis Christos – Alexandra

Jennifer Boulougouri

My name is Jennifer Boulougouri,

I chose “Kofinas” to build my house in the country because I was impressed by their professional outlook and well organized modern offices. I was not mistaken. Their staff was always patient and helpful, cheerful and smart.

Using modern technology, and thanks to their architects and engineers, I was able to follow the progress of designing, building, applying for a building permit and choosing colour schemes, etc. The technicians, carpenters, painters etc were all polite and good at their jobs. A big thank you to the Kofinas team!

Panagiotis and Apostolia

A big thank you to the company KOFINAS for the nice cooperation we had.

It’s been a year since we went to our new home and I can say that we are very pleased!

There was an excellent coordination of the workshops during the work and the immediate solution of all the problems that arose. Even today, the people of KOFINAS are there to answer any questions we have.

Apart from the exterior appearance of the house, which is truly beautiful, it is quite functional and its most important is its insulation and excellent energy efficiency. Thank you!!!!

Panagiotis – Apostolia

Nikos and Maria Stavrinidi

When at some point we complained to Mr Michalis about a delay at the start of work on the construction of our cottage house, he told us: “do not worry, you will be compensated by the outcome”. And indeed, he was absolutely right. The result was exactly what we were dreaming about. That’s because with the help of Maria, Eugenia, Christos and the whole “Kofinas” team, we managed to have the correct design, to avoid mistakes, to make right choices for the materials, to achieve the home style we wanted and in general to have the right guidance out of our every dilemma.

But what really impressed us with “Kofinas” company is the choice of collaborators and craftsmen, which we consider to be the best in their fields and provided us with absolute security in all their actions.

With all these in mind, our cooperation with Kofinas SA will continue.

Nikos & Maria Stavrinidi

Giorgos Papaioannou

KOFINAS services rating


In general, we were pleased with the services provided by Kofinas and the quality of the people in the company as well as the crews. There was good coordination of the crews during the project and they all seemed experienced and cooperative.

I would like to thank Georgios Halas for his good communication and excellent cooperation in the field of permit issuance and study. George is a very positive man with great patience.

I would also like to thank Christos Zafiridis who was very good at his work, which is to supervise the project, he had everything in his mind and made very good coordination (as good as possible) of the whole process. He was also very cooperative and always available.


I would suggest, after the signing of the contract, that a timetable will be given to the client (in writing) to be able to know all the steps to be taken and when this should be done. This will help avoid hasty decisions (like “we need to decide about x, y, z issue until tomorrow”).

Also (for reasons I do not precisely know), the construction timeline stayed behind the initial estimation (the project started on September 2017 and ended late November 2017). I had in mind that everything should have ended in 45 days to 2 months.

It would be very important for me to have a 3D hologram of the house with the selected exterior colors, as well as the surrounding area, so that I could make some better and more complete decisions. This way we could have avoided the mistake made in the exterior colors of the house (we had asked for a light gray, like the house in the exhibition, and yet the house came out “broken” white and this color resembled nothing to the exhibition house in Agia Paraskevi). In the same manner, 3D imaging would be useful for indoors and especially for the kitchen. Since these homes are built similarly for all owners, they can be done once and then configured on the computer accordingly.

With appreciation,

Giorgos Papaioannou

Alexis Palaioroutas – Niovi Plakia

With KOFINAS company we managed to make the house we dreamed of, just as we had imagined it, more economically and faster than a conventional construction (with concrete). We have already been for a month in our new home and we are very pleased with our choice, especially the insulation is really a very efficient result of the building materials of the masonry and of the very good quality of the frames.

Alexis Palaioroutas Niovi Plakia

Evanthia Zoupa

I would like to thank KOFINAS company for the flawless cooperation and their professionalism. I am very happy because one of my dreams became a reality in very short time, building a functional house, superior in quality compared to the conventional construction. Thank you very much mister Michalis, Kostas, Eugenia, Maria, Christos!!!

With appreciation, Evanthia Zoupa

Konstantinos Mageiras


To the executives and employees of KOFINAS SA


Michalis, Eugenia, Kostas, Christos,

…employees & partners of KOFINAS SA

…My father always told us that if you do not build a house and do not get your daughter married, you have not lived a real life… My view, as an engineer, is that the construction of a house is one more project, whose result is subsequent to preparation, planning and, of course, the budget that has been made…

And now, the reality. For many years, we (my family and I) had a life dream, to build a new house, in place of our old & small cottage in Artemida, Attica …

However, through the general economic difficulties that we have been lately experiencing, this dream seemed almost elusive … But since desire sometimes prevails over worry, the dream is to become a reality. And, actually, in record time…

KOFINAS SA built our home and I was personally involved in design, studies and supervision.

And since I had already designed my house, its image was already in my imagination and in all the plans that I made and revised for several years…

Believing that reality is difficult to reach imagination…, I was eagerly expecting the outcome of our efforts. And what I have to say is that it surpassed both my imagination and my expectations.

For this result, the people of KOFINAS SA carry a big share of “responsibility”, since they helped us at all stages of construction. They corrected any deficiencies we identified and were always there with their experience and advice.

Apart from the advice, however, I have to say the best about the materials and the construction techniques they use and apply, which are excellent and of high quality.

I want to thank all the executives and employees of our company, not only for the result that even surpassed our expectations, but also for another serious and essential reason … that I managed and kept the total cost within my budget. Something I’ve had great anxiety about …


Konstantinos Mageiras & Aggeliki Tseremi

P.S. The following poem, by Kostis Palamas, expresses me and touches me for many years now… I dedicate it to you and I hope it means something for you too …

Jo Williams

Even with 25 years construction experience in the UK i was still slightly nervous building a house in Greece.

But once we met with the Kofinas team and learnt of the great service they provide we felt much happier. The Kofinas company really are a breath of fresh air with their forward thinking modern approach to construction, which is also accompanied by their procurement of quality materials. The whole process from design through to the final construction of our house was faultless, a special mention must be made to all the workers that worked on our site, such a happy, polite bunch of guys and also truly skilled craftsmen.

The completed house has exceeded all our expectations in every way, If you want to build a house of good quality at a sensible price then Kofinas is probably the company you should be talking to.

Thanks the Kofinas team.

Manolis Mpozis

Thank you letter

to the executives of KOFINAS SA

Thank you for the flawless cooperation that we had during the construction of my house.

Everything took place as agreed (work and materials), and at the same time you gave solutions to all minor issues that appeared.

I highly recommend your company to anyone wanting to build a modern house with good materials in a short time frame and without any stress.

I hope you are all good.

Tripolis, 26/5/2017

Manolis Mpozis

Krokkos – Karpouzopoulou

To Kofinas company

Captain Michalis, Mr. Nikos

With great anguish we started to make a dream come true and fortunately we came across your company, where all your partners, from the first to the last, played a key role in this dream becoming a reality and not a nightmare.

Mr. Michalis or Captain Michalis, Mr. Nikos, I want you to know that you are part of the dream along with the whole team.

George (Halas, engineer), you are among the most polite, competent and honest people I’ve ever met!

Eugenia (Kofina), I believe that your kindness will promote your company even more!

Kostas (Kofinas), what can I say, you are the alpha and the omega of our house!

Christos (supervising engineer), thank you, without you, we would still be looking for imperfections!

Pigi (Kofina), quiet power of economics.

We thank you and we wish you health and strength!

PS. The wise old saying that “if you do not build a house (or get married) you do not know what it means to be on the run”, with you as constructors, is simply invalid!!!

Kaiti – Dimitris

Dear Mr Kofinas,

Wanting to fulfill one of my mother’s and my own life dream, to build a country house by the sea, I started a small online survey for construction companies to form a preliminary idea of the trends that exist in this market. I was particularly impressed by your site because it captures a different corporate physiognomy and organization with high quality and aesthetic standards.

After our meeting, my positive impressions were verified, since from the beginning we had mutual trust on your face and your company, governed by human warmth and genuine humanistic philosophy.

Following that, and during a difficult period of my life, I decided to trust your company to build my cottage house in Evia.

During our collaboration, I was absolutely delighted by the excellent quality of the materials used, the direct solutions that were always available from you and your colleagues to tackle any emergency problem, the respect of my personal aesthetic choices, the speed of implementation of the project, the short delivery time, your kindness, your human behavior, the flexibility, the excellent professional training, the organizational ability and experience of all your collaborators (offices, construction site , Garages, etc.).

With your help my cottage house was completed within the planned time limits and is a beautiful house with great aesthetics and functionality, well-made to the last detail, which fully meets my personal needs and expectations.

Thanks to you, my mother will see her dream come true and I thank you warmly for this.

I wish wholeheartedly that you keep your warmth, your human personality that is so rare nowadays and which inspires the generous philosophy and robust professionalism throughout your company, which, I am sure, will “accommodate” many more dreams of our fellow people.

Thank you very much With appreciation Kaiti – Dimitris March 2017

Elias Syrios

Dear Mr Kofinas,

On the occasion of the delivery of our house in Mani, we want to express our sincere thanks to your staff and you personally.

We thank you for realizing our dream house which we wanted to have for us and our children.

The cooperation with your company was a pleasant surprise for us. The whole process of construction was an absolute professionalism experience of you and your crew, sincere and honest. Your professionalism, your interest in our personal preferences, your respect for our choices and aesthetics as well as the efforts of all of you to satisfy them was only ideally in our minds as the role of the proper engineer – architect – manufacturer. You are those who have demonstrated to us that this role can actually exist and in reality, you are the ones that did not negotiated at any moment the quality of the structure, while your engineers, always present in their work, were there to correct whatever needed, with politeness, without ever saying “no, impossible”, you organized well your crew and so they worked with real care and smile and finally they delivered a house literally perfect in every respect.

It should be noted that in the economic field we felt that every euro we were paying deserved to be paid and we never felt deceived.

Finally, we consider the happiest of circumstances, especially now that the lack of morality and consistency dominate bothersomely everywhere around us, to get to know you and work with you. It is certain that we would not be able to settle for anything less and we could not ask for anything more.

We have a saying – “if you do not build … you do not understand what life is.” You are the exception to this “rule” and we can say with confidence that thanks to your “building”, we continue to “ignore what life is”.

For all that we briefly mention, we thank you from the heart and we wish you to stay well and continue to share generously, with your works, the joy you have given to our family.

With appreciation,
Charis and Elias Syrios

Video interview:

Stelios Giannelis

I approached Kofinas SA on a recommendation from a friend / colleague who is also a constructor and who has also bought a vacation residence from Kofinas company and for 10 years is perfectly happy without putting a nail or a drop of paint for repair.

I was impressed by the willingness and the politeness of the personnel, while after the permit was issued, they delivered the house within 45 days amid snow/winter.

The quality of the materials was amazing and I do not believe that I could have made a better choice.

I wish them health and good business.

S. Giannelis

Kassidoglou – Tsamouroglou

To Kofinas company

We would like to thank a lot all who worked for the construction of our house. Starting from the architect who designed a lovely house and the engineer, to the whole personnel that worked on a daily basis and finished the project, they were all exceptional professionals, helpful and willing to realize everything we asked and was feasible, but most of all they were kind and happy people. Our cooperation with them was flawless. They all did a fine job and so our dream came true! Because building our own house to shelter our family was a life dream for us!

With appreciation
Vassilis Kassidoglou
Chrysa Tsamouroglou and
little Anastasia

Koulogianni Aggeliki

We cooperated with “Kofinas” company after our research for a prefabricated house in Vitina of Arkadia.
We decided to cooperate with “Kofinas” company because from our first contact there was a good approach between us and mr. Michalis Kofinas.
Our house was constructed with perfect cooperation and exactly as described. The construction materials were all as agreed. The cooperation with the personnel was flawless. It was the best choice we could make for our house.
We thank mr. Michalis Kofinas and his associates for the result he delivered to us.

With appreciation
Koulogianni Aggeliki

Petalas Basileios – Ioanna Galani

In the year 1989 we commissioned the construction of a PREFAB residence to KOFINAS Company. Since, 18 years after, the residence holds perfectly. The great materials, the flawless personnel and the excellent cooperation with mr Michalis Kofinas contributed to that wonderful result.
Therefore, the choice of KOFINAS Company proved correct because we enjoy a marvelous house and thus we express to you our thanks.

With respect for your work,
Petalas Basileios – Ioanna Galani
Thank you

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Kostas Stamos

Good evening,

The cooperation with KOFINAS company began and ended in the best way, everything was perfect.

Simply I would say: quality, excellent cooperation, speed, reliability, flexibility, all the above refers to the people of the office and the stuff as well.

Sozos Frantzeskos

One of the major reasons for us to visit KOFINAS company was the confidence that Mr. Michael inspired us and all the other members of the company as well.

Throughout the whole time of our cooperation i can say for every possible problem, the solution came quickly and effectively.

Anastasios Plistakas

In order to build a business place in Trikala Street Gerakas Attikis I have chosen for the construction the KOFINAS Company.

I was pleased with the consistency in delivery time, the best quality of materials and perfect construction.

I highly recommend them,
Anastasios Plistakas

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Alexander and Deppie Stavrakakis

After six years of waiting and research on companies in Greece and abroad, we have chosen the KOFINAS Company.

The choice not only has vindicated us but it was above our expectations.

Giannis – Themis

For us to build a house on our beautiful island, Kastos was life dream.

From the first moment when we visited KOFINAS Company, we realized that our dream will become true.

Giannis and Takis Panagopoulos

Concerning the construction of our house at Tsouleika area of the city of Patra, our view about KOFINAS Company is the best.

Feedback on the construction of my house in Dafni of Fthiotida

My cooperation with Kofinas Company was perfect overall excellent. Despite the remote construction area, the difficulty to access the site, the climatoligical phenomena, everything was completed smoothly and within the planned time schedule.

Stergiou Stratis – Veneti Efi

Nice and polite environment. Trust and convenience during the cooperation without any unexpected incidents.

Socrates and Peppy

After our collaboration with KOFINAS Company regarding the construction of the FLEXY HOME, I would describe a construction experience full of consistency and professionalism.

Tasos and Vasw Matrapazidi

What can someone say about KOFINAS company?

So many things, impossible to sum up briefly!

Eudokia and Vagelis Konstantinos

Exceptional people with morals values, kindness, teamwork, with a willingness to listen, to understand and to help you in any way.

Above all this they are distinguished by professionalism and consistency.

Giannis Ganos

We have known Kofinas family and company for more than 30 years!

So, customers for the second time!

The second time was the best. All jobs were accomplished within cost and time schedule.

The construction quality of the bearing structure is superb in any aspect and I recommend it for any 2-story construction.

The response of the personnel to all our request was immediate and always with politeness.

In one word, absolutely satisfying result.

John Karvelas

A big thank you to Mr. Michael Kofinas and his partners for the construction of our new house!

Kostas Tsanis Family

Mr. Kofinas

After the completion of the construction and delivery of the house we feel obliged to:

  1. To thank you from the bottom of our heart for the unexpected result. Perfect construction, excellent equipment. Everything was designed carefully. Consistent to your obligations and accurate to the agreed timelines.

Despina Chrysikou

With a view to construction my first company, I started researching among various prefabricated houses but also conventional house companies. I decided to assign the construction to Kofinas Company.

Christos and Mairi Koima Family

Kofinas Construction
We thank
you made out house
where we will live.
Perfect construction
warm well built
kofinas has our house
kept well
we thank you from heart
it is our curio
came out of a fairy tale
our new home.

With love and respect
family of Christos and Mairi Koima

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Video interview:

Mania Vasileiadou

For the construction of your 95 sqm in Ano Diminio, regarding the speed and built quality I am very satisfied. Everyone involved in the construction were professionals, gentle, and always glad to help.

Mania Vasileiadou

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Lefteris Mparmpas

Concerning the construction of our permanent residence in Elefsina our cooperation with Kofinas was flawless. The house was completed at the predefined time.


My name is Panagakis. It’s a name that only one man could come up with. A lovely man with great imagination and humor, sensitive but above all genuine, that’s what made the difference and got the story with Mixalis Kofinas started.

Gkiouve Family

It was summer of 2014 when we decided to create a family cottage on a plot of land that we had for ages. It was my fathers greatest desire, who dreamed of a cottage near the sea and we kids wanted to make this dream a reality.

Andreas Melachroinos

The constructional stages of a dwelling are usually laborious and demanding procedures. The customer’s interest focuses on the quality, production values and best corporate and business practices, and generally in a high-profile solution that meets the requirements but also highlights the flexibility and responsiveness to personalized approach. One approach, summarized in this case, that was based on high customer demand, extensive labor processes and optimum results. These characterize our overall cooperation with the KOFINAS Company.

Maria Arvaniti

Thanks a lot to Kofinas Company that constructed our country house in Derveni, with integrity, professionalism and consistency.

Maria Arvaniti

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

The customer is always right

When we decided to look at the option of prefabrication, the company KOFINAS was in the list of several companies we visited. What us made particular impression was the quality of what we saw in their show room, the human approach and the fact that they think highly of what they are offering.

Impressions from the House I Constructed

I decided to construct my 90 sqm house in Eksamilia Korinthias with Kofinas Company and I’m writing about my impressions.

Because of the rough times, it’s dangerous to risk your money if you deal with con artists and bankrupt construction companies.

Maria Kotermagier

Our impressions from the construction of our house and the company are the best. They work even in ready bad weather, the house was delivered within the scheduled time and the construction is exactly how we wanted it to be. It has been tested in blasting air, rain and the results were amazing.

Thank you,
Maria Kotermagier

Gianna Dritsa

A big thank you to Kofinas Company for the beautiful house that constructed for us. We are very satisfied from the service, delivery time. Wish you well and keep realizing dreams!

Gianna Dritsa

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Andreas – Dimitra

Kofinas Company promised me and my family a wonderful house and they made it come true.

Choustoulakis Family

KOFINAS Company gained the confidence of me and my family through its high quality, its insurance policy and quick effectiveness. Just like 27 years ago, when we had chosen the company for our prefabricated house, we did the same choice today for the construction of our new house KOFINAS option was the only way.

Dimitris Papastefanou

My name is Papastefanou Dimitrios. I am Greek from Egypt and after many working years I decided to move back to my homeland, Greece.

I wanted to make a house, the best for my after those working years. I was researching for long various companies and I ended up at Kofinas SA. No further words required.

George Papazafiropoulos

I contacted Mr. Kofinas for the construction of my house as a 1-story apartment on a pre-existing building. The main reason was the lower cost and fast delivery times.

Nikolaos Rousakis

For the work that Mr Kofinas company undertook at Lagonisi – Saranikos municipality, concerning the renovation, rebuilding of my home, I was left very satisfied and there was flawless cooperation.

Nikolaos Rousakis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

The Best

Let’s begin like this: The Best!

We cooperated with a flawlessly organized family business.

Petros Koumoulos Family

The KOFINAS company reciprocated our scrutiny for a reliable home with the best way possible. Within a month our house in Istiaia Evia was delivered as planned. We even enjoyed our vocations in it.

Vafiadou Krystalenia

I built a house at with Kofinas company in Tragano Hlias and I am really satisfied by the construction.

Maurikaki Family

We discovered Kofinas construction company after thorough research among similar companies, via the internet but also after visiting the their show rooms.


When I considered building a holiday house fast and with good quality of construction, I checked the solution of the prefabricated houses and i ended up to KOFINAS Company. They impressed me with their professionalism and their attitude. The result was excellent and the corporation perfect.

Voulgaraki Family

Mr. Kofinas,
We thank you for bringing to completion the house we have chosen. Congratulations for the excellent professional cooperation we had, for the consistency and the adherence to your obligations.

Preka Eirini

I was very pleased with the company of Mr. Kofina. The staff was very helpful and very polite. I did not expect that the delivery time of the house would be less than a month.

Letter of Thanks to the Kofinas Company

After the completion of the construction of our house in Rhodes, we would like to thank both the owners and staff for the excellent cooperation, for the result from this cooperation, the kindness and goodness of all your staff and you gentlemen Michael and Nick Kofinas I want personally to thank you because our agreement was completed in the time provided of thirty days.

Lefteris Spathis

My name is Lefteris Spathis and I wish to thank the company KOFINAS because with so little money I gained a beautiful prefab house 42 sq.m. FlexyHome.

Konstantinos Bogatsos

Eventually my instinct was right when I trusted the KOFINAS company for the construction of a holiday house in Salamina. When I met Michalis Kofinas, I was impressed by the clean look of his eyes and the dedication to his work.

Kravaritis Petros – Lepenioti Afroditi

I don’t want to exaggerate, but building a 2nd story apartment on top of our existing house in Petroupolis, was a very beautiful choice, characterized by quality and economy.

Nefeli – Kiriakos

Our new Finland prefabricated house is the epitome of warmth, concentrated in the construction that you made reality with such professionalism.

Martha Mpaka

In August 2014, I acquired a prefabricated house in Preveza, of 45sqm, constructed by Kofinas company.

Ioanna Yfanti

Dear Michalis,
I start to write this letter with pleasure. Wish to express my enthusiasm for the beautiful house that we made, because we did it together, and my joy because really, the whole process from the construction of this house has left me only a feeling of satisfaction.

Mpourneli Family

The quality of the construction, the coherence, the quickness (25 days), the unbelievable coordination and the faultless cooperation we had with you left us with the best impression! But most of all, what moved us the most was the support of our many-member family by making the house more functional, understanding our needs.

Kolovos Theodoros

Our collaboration with Nikos and Michalis Kofinas was excellent. It was professional at the beginning, but ended up as a friendship.

At the Paleros area, it is one of the best and most beautiful houses built, as the locals say.

Kolovos Theodoros

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Happy easter to the Kofinas team!

We spent our first nights in the villa in Pylos. We enjoyed them a lot. It was warm inside even if we didn’t switch on the AC. The kitchen is wonderful as the furniture.

Thanks a lot!
Best regards,
The Gekas family
Quebec, April 2012

Thanos & Efterpi

Dear Mr. Michalis,
2014 starts for our family with one of our dreams complete. We now have our own house and you helped us obtain it.

loannis Mplanas Family

Watching the uniqueness in the kofinas construction, the result was better than we were hope. My family and the con-struction experts who visited our house were speechless from the quality and the construction team who delivered the house in few days. We thank the Kofinas family for their consistent cooperation.

loannis Mplanas family

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Rania Stravolemou

While researching to build a house, entering the website of Kofinas company, something earned my attention and I made the decision.

Manolis and Aphrodite Skordouli

I will tell you a story that came true: Once upon a time there was a family, that always wanted to leave Athens and move into their mothers village but they kept postponing it.

Vasilis Giannoulakis

Mr. Michael,
I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to obtain something simple but so rare in our days.

House at Ano Liosia

Dear Michael,
There is no point in repeating all about the excellent work you have done and the great assistance you have offered, many have talked about these already.

Zografou Konstantina

Dear Mr. Michael
I am very pleased to write this letter, which means that you have finished what I have commissioned to your company or more correctly that I have trusted in your hands “my house”, so I want to thank you, but also to encourage anyone who interested, without a second thought, to come to you.

Despina Roussou

I want to thank the KOFINAS Company for their professionalism and consistency. Our cooperation was excellent with both Michael and his daughter Eugenia, who gave us solutions to make our house more comfortable and functional. Everything was done just like we agreed and even the delivery was faster than we expected.

Anastasia Kelaiditi – Vasilios Kalampoukas

  1. Helpful
  2. Quick
  3. Good-hearted
  4. With other words
  5. Excellent people
  6. Excellent work
Anastasia Kelaiditi – Vasilios Kalampoukas

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Kostas Laskaridis

It is true that until then, we had made a long research; we spent a lot of time, but without results.

When we met you we started an excellent cooperation with suggestions and solutions, always adjusted to our demands and needs. Our desire was fulfilled and today we enjoy our holiday house without problems.

Spyros Papagiannakos

My cooperation with KOFINAS Company can be described with only one word: PERFECT! The original agreement for the house construction was quick and very profitable for me.

Giorgos Mpimpas Family

Dear Mihalis and cooperators,
I and my family want to thank you again for the excellent cooperation we had during the construction of our house, which was beyond our expectation.

Alkis Koliavasilis

After a long research I have chosen KOFINAS company for the construction of two houses 200 m2 in Markopoulo area. Everything was followed according to the contract. The time of the assembling was faster that I expected, the quality of the materials and the construction was excellent.

Panos Voggas

We always dream of a country house where we could, me and my family, spend our summer fun holidays by the sea in Oxilithos of Evia. After a considerable thought and research of the market, we started on this “journey” to the dream to become a reality and the company KOFINAS managed to make it happen in just 19 days!

Matthaiou Evripidis

Every time the people see our house they say what a beautiful house you made.

Amalia Derizioti

While searching on the internet and asking, about building a prefabricated house on a piece of land we had, our steps brought us to the KOFINAS PREFABRICATED HOUSES company.

House construction at Mesagro of Aegina – Impressions

We wanted to build a small house at Mesagro of Aegina but we had second thoughts because as citizens of Athens, with lots of obligations and intense way of living, we were afraid that we wouldn’t have the time and the courage for a beginning a construction.

Michael – Anastasia

Thank you very much for everything!

For the straightforward, and, most of all, human behavior…

Nikos Kavalieros

My dear friend Micheal,
I am taking the opportunity of calling you “a friend”, since our corporation has ended with the known excellent results.

Peter and Alexandra

I would be very happy if you included the following on your website. I wish to thank you for the first class service and construction of our new home in Pefki.

Theodoros Tritos

Our house turned out to be better than we expected. The only bad thing is that it finished really fast and we didn’t enjoy it. But that’s ok, we will enjoy it as soon as we move in.

Thank you,
Theodoros Tritos

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Giannis and Katerina Kounelis

My friend Michael, and I’m calling you a friend because I believe that our cooperation was on a friendly level, with patience from your part concerning every detail of our house at Pili of Evia.

Catherine Velissaropoulou

My name is Velissaropoulou Catherine,
In June 2012 I visited the KOFINAS company for the construction of my holiday house in the mountain region of Corinth.

Panagiotis Christofis

After searching in order to buy a prefabricated house, from all I had heard about Kofinas company, I finally ended up there.

Georgios Patsis

I am more than pleased with KOFINAS company. Everything was followed according to our agreement. You were exact to the time schedule and everything that had to do with the house. The people were very helpful.

Georgios Patsis
Toumpitsi Arkadias

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Efstratiou Evaggelos

I recall the time we visited with my family the Kofinas Company. We left very happy. We decide to cooperate with the company for the house we always wanted to built in Theologo.

Testimonial 51

I first met Kofinas family in 2000 when I wanted to build, my house. After all these years, I can say that I am glad for the choice I made back then. I could not have made a better decision that to collaborate with Kofinas Company.

Tsitseli family

In 17 days you have created the house of our dreams, a house near the sea… Capacious, functional and comfortable, we can’t wait to share our holiday house with our friends!

We thank you very much and we wish you always success!

Tsisteli family

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Carlos bros

After a market research, we chose Kofinas Company for the construction of our home.

Angeliki Vasilaki

We are in Porto Rafti seven years now and it is the first time we live in a new prefabricated house from the KOFINAS company.

L. Makrogianni

I am Lila Makrogianni and I built a maisonette in Aigina. The cooperation with Kofinas Company was wonderful. The house was built in less than one month. The crews also cooperated perfectly.

L. Makrogianni

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Vagia Papapostolou

It has been one month since we’ve settled in our new house and I would like to say a few things according to my opinion and thinking.

Christos Manolitsis

After a bad experience and hardship of a concrete construction, I decided to make a research in the market of prefabricated houses.

Eleni Liampoti

First of all I would like to thank all the people who work for my house. With Mr. Kofinas team there was perfect understanding and reliability for my dream to be fulfilled. I have also to notice that all the staff was very kind and warm.

This is very important for both sides to be able to finish the house with no mistakes or bungling.

Alexandros – Varvara

Mr. Michael Kofinas and his crew are excellent professionals, really good at what they do, willing to help us and to make any change we liked concerning the construction of our house.

Stelios – Irini and young Eleanna

Dear Mr. Michael and Mr. Niko,
Many years ago, at the end of the 70s, as a little kid, I was taken by my grandfather for a walk at Zappeion in order to see the first prefabricated houses exhibition that took place at the forecourt.

X. Patrinos

After a long search in order to trust someone suitable for our new home, we ended, up choosing Kofinas Company and we were pleasantly surprised by their professionalism. The crews were perfect, the materials amazing and everything was done incredibly fast, compared to a conventional house. There were no obstacles not to be surpassed automatically by Kofinas Company. You are amazing and we warmly thank you for the great house you built for us.

X. Patrinos

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Sotiris & Zoi

Dear Mr. Michael
We want to thank you and alt your collaborators, for making our dream come true and in such a short amount of time.

We never believed that we would have a fully equipped house so fast and easy.

From Kapandriti with lots of love!

Sotiris & Zoi

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Christos Andrianos

After my collaboration, as a client of the Kofinas Prefabricated Houses Company, I have to make some comments about the advantages, which are:

Aristeides and Katerina Diniozou

We feel particularly lucky that, in the middle of such difficult conditions of our times, we chose KOFINAS Company to take over one of the most important investments in someone’s life, which is the construction of his house.

Irene Konsta

When I visited Kofinas Prefabricated Houses after a long search… I decided to build my own house on top of my family’s 2-story conventional building. Why?

Ioakeim Touisisoglou

At some point, we decided to build a new house, but not using the conventional construction process (concrete built) and after searching and asking, some people told us that they could bring trucks with timber which they would cut and nail together, meaning 1 – 2 months of fuss in our land.

Stavroula – Nikos Mattheou

We were very interested in building a house in Katelio of Kefalonia and after a long research we chose KOFINAS company. The reason we decided to choose mr Kofinas was that from the first moment he was completely associable and he promised that everything would be the way we wanted on time.

Apokotou – Psihogiou

After much research we came to the Kofinas Company. Their houses seemed closer to conventional houses and they also gave us the opportunity to make various changes, while others companies showed us standardized houses.

Nikos Kotsiras – Katerina Kotsira

From the first time we met Kofinas brothers company, we said that we found what we were looking for the construction of our house. They helped us create what we were dreaming of.

Nikolaos Douros

My family and I first entered the house, which was built by Kofinas Company for us, in June 2011. It is characterized by practicality and quality of construction. It is a beautiful house, warm and economical, but most of all it fulfills the requirements of a modern ecological house.

Dimitris Stamoulis

The Kofinas Company coordinated very effectively the construction of my prefabricated cottage.

The aesthetic result is of high quality and the spaces look big, due to the tall ceiling.

Dimitris Stamoulis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Maria Aggeli

While I was searching for something good I discovered your company. In fact I was vindicated for the excellent cooperation and the quality of your work as well.

It was the best choice!

We live in Crete and despite the distance we completed our house in a very short time. We are very pleased with the result.

Giannis Chatzigiannis

After a research I did to the internet, I chose your company Mr. Kofinas for my holiday house in Lagonissi. Everything went very well and i thank you very much for that.


From the beginning of our cooperation till the final result, everything was just as we agreed. The behavior, the technicians and the result were all perfect.


This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Karoussos Family

Kefalonia is the place we always loved and wanted to get a beautiful, functional and accessible house to our potential.

George Kountouris

Dear Michalis,
I wish the newly born Jesus Christ to give you and to all the people who worked for the house to them and their families health and peace.

I thank you all for the effort to complete our house, for the understanding and I want to apologize if I gave you hard time.

I wish you a blessed 2011. With appreciation,
George Kountouris

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Katerina Xenaki

Since I was a little girl, every time I was wearing my mother’s high heels, I was dreaming of a house with a lots of love and children’s voices… something like the little house in the prairie!

Timotheos Aggelis

After a long research in the market of companies of prefabricated houses I have chosen the KOFINAS company for the construction of my house and in the end I haven’t been contradicted.

Theodoros Iliopoulos

Generally my cooperation with KOFINAS Company can be characterized by the punctuality concerning the time of construction, reliability, flexibility and good will from all its people. Concerning the improvement of the given services, I would recommend a larger variety of bathroom equipments and cupboards.

Dios 14, Kifissia
Theodoros Iliopoulos

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Alexis and Magda Papadopoulou

We will always remember the Christmas of 2010. You have given us the best present we could ever imagine that it was possible to receive! In less than one month we had the house of our dreams!

Gasidi Family

After a long research in the market of prefabricated houses we decided to assign the construction of our house to KofinasCompany.

Panagiotis and Antonis Halaris

Dear Michal Kofina with this letter we want to express our thanks for the excellent cooperation and the qualitative construction of our holiday houses.

Vasilis Tasoulis

The idea of the prefabricated construction was suggested to me from the office of the statistics studies to which I applied for durability control. Also I asked them to study the possibility of extension of the existing house since 1975, by adding two floors.

Ilias Tamvakas


  1. The slush grout should be included in the price which was agreed.
  2. The accessories of the bathroom should be included.
  3. The polycarbonate glass should be included.
  4. The doors and french windows should have bigger dimentions.

Generally the construction was good enough with good quality of the materials. All the services that provided to us were satisfactory either from the construction company and the workers.

Ilias Tamvakas

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Argiris Demertzis

In my teenage years was heresy to move around with, a motorcycle and playing billiard. Today travel by motorcycles dominate the Greek cities, and most people evaluate that to score in a billiard needs thought, concentration and also to discipline the mind and body.

Mimis and Rania Giannopoulou

The house was the result of much thought and love. As each home came to house the dreams and hopes of a family. Fortunately for us we did a nice start, without difficulties, thanks to your company. From the beginning you gave us politely, hospitality and willingness.

Georgia Basta

Building a house, most of the times, is lifetime dream. It is very important to find the right people to help you out for this dream to come true with respect and professionalism. This is what I found by choosing your company to build my house.

Vivian – Marios

Thanks to you our children live in a wonderful and magical house, you made for us with enthusiasm, good taste and love.

We thank you our friend Michalis Kofina

Vivian – Marios

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Dora Meliousi – Mpakousi

After wandering to islands, mountains, little villages of Greece and visiting the cities of the world, you always seek for settlement, a country house for quick escapes.

Stelios – Georgia Makromanoli

After a very bad experience, a few years ago, with concrete construction, we weren’t sure if it was worth it to build a holiday house. When we started a research concerning the prefabricated houses, still we weren’t very satisfied, until we met Mihalis.

Eleftheria – Giannis

For our house we choose the best, that is the reason we have chosen the KOFINAS company, for the professionalism, the quality and the credibility of all.

Dimitris Iliopoulos

Dear Michali,
With the completion of our house in Porto Rafti, I would like to thank you for the perfect construction which was on time, as we agreed and for the general procedure that was taken care by your company, so we didn’t have to worry about the technical or other process.


The dream that became true. Most of all people with faith and passion for what they do. With simple words. AMAZING!!!

Nikos Prousaloglou
Nea Makri

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Pitsinelis Dimitris – Maxidou Magda

Everybody’s dream is to have a house to live in and to enjoy every moment of his life with his family and friends. Our choose of a prefab house was mainly based on the short time of the construction comparing to the concrete house.

Vassiliki Ilia

No complain.

Excellent construction.

Time of construction 20 days!

Best cooperation.

Place of construction Stymfalia Korinthias.

Vassiliki Ilia

Alimprantis Mihail

Dear Mr. Kofinas,
With this letter I would like to congratulate and thank you for the cooperation we had since 2003 and the friendship we kept until today.

Alkis Gouvas – Eleni Alexopoulou

We thank you for the house you’ve built for us! We had a perfect cooperation with you and your staff. There was a verity of chooses concerning the tiles, cupboards, boards, colorings for internal and external walls. In two months, accordingly to the contract, we had a house of our dreams.

Porto Rafti
Alkis Gouvas – Eleni Alexopoulou

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

Andreou Marios

I am totally satisfied from the house which the company of Mr. Michalis and Nikos Kofinas made for me.

Andreou Marios
Porto Rafti

Panagiotis Retzis

When you build a house, you always assume security and insouciance. You in “Kofinas” with endless effort, with unlimited and continuous development of the technology you use the excellent quality of materials and the amendment of the ways of construction with love and respect for the environment, you create the ideal house for every family with reasonable prices.

Sotiris Ragas

My dear friend Mihali,
After 4 years of living in the prefab house that you made for me I am able to ensure that your company speaks to the people who want a unique and special house.

Efi Ralli

When I was looking for something unique and special and not only a house with four walls, I realized that your philosophy suits me completely. Over the above I would like to add the good taste, the punctuality but most of all the real devotion that you showed for my house like it was yours.

Soufis Gerasimos – Marianthi Papaioannou

We thank you very much for the house you made for us, completely finished, with kitchen equipment’s, hollows in bedrooms and with the verandas as it was agreed. The time of the delivery was followed according to the contract.

Chrisostomos Tzempetzis

After the end of the construction of my house, with this letter I ought to THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the EXCELLENT QUALITY of the manufacturing, for the LEAST TIME of its completion, for the good terms of arrangement, as well for every easement from you personally and your people, who worked tirelessly and readily during the assembling of my house.

The company KOFINAS PREFABRICATED HOUSE proved to me that they are systematic and reliable.

With honor,
Chrisostomos Tzempetzis

This testimonial is a translation of the original Greek note as it is shown here

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