On 23-7-2021 there was a presentation of the company KOFINAS from the show TODAY on SKAI.

KOFINAS SA is a family business that has been operating since 1977. With 44 years of experience, it specializes in the field of prefabricated houses. Innovates without resting. As always, it constantly introduces new elements in the construction of homes, which are recognized and “certified” by both our hundreds of satisfied customers and the National Technical University of Athens, where the unique building system of Kofinas was tested for its durability beyond any natural endurance limit.

The first steps of the company were taken by the brothers Nikolaos and Michalis Kofinas and then their children, who became Mechanical Engineers and Architect Engineers, developed it on a scientific level. Where they now supervise the entire production line for the construction of the house from the factory until its delivery.

Once again, innovation and evolution can be seen, with the new factory of European standards of KOFINA, which houses its vision, which is already in operation since the beginning of 2020. KOFINAS SA once again creates something new that makes a difference in the area of ​​prefabricated houses. The factory is a model in VIOPA Markopoulou and one of the most modern in Europe. In the context of a global development, the company has also focused on the energy sector of construction. The houses are designed in a bioclimatic way so that through the openings, shading systems, orientation and mechanical equipment there are the necessary indoor climate conditions and energy is saved for heating, cooling and lighting.

Kofinas company has gathered in its working group trusted partners and representatives, creating a sales network throughout Greece, while also exporting abroad. Through the exhibitions of KOFINA, which also function as learning centers for schools and technical schools, one can get to know the “philosophy” and the quality of Kofina houses!