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Best raw material of the global market

The continuous masonry production production of KOFINAS company, gives us the advantage of being able to import large amounts of building materials. With the mass import we can achieve better prices, thus we are able to buy the “expensive” (for the Greek market) building materials, which are of the best quality worldwide.

Materials like:

The timber of the masonry, which is:

Σουηδική ξυλεία

  • Swedish: which means that it is really compact
  • Pine: which means better moisture resistance.
  • Dried: which means that the timber is furniced for weeks, undergoing a natural deworming process (unlike the green-colored timber), and also reaches the ideal, for house construction, level of humidity which is 15-16%.
  • Ecological: which means that the timber does not contain chemical loads and that the policy of the Swedish Timber Industry aids with the absorption of carbon dioxide.
  • Planned: which means that it has perfectly flat surfaces which, in conjunction with the factory connection methods, we can achieve a perfect assembly with no margins at the joints for all the construction parts of the house.
  • C24 class: which means that it has great mechanical strength, showing up to 80% more carrying capacity when compared to conventional timber.

The OSB shielding for the masonry, which is:

ξύλινη τοιχοποιία θωρακισμένη

  • Canadian, from the LP factory: which means maximum mechanical strength and superior quality on an international level ! This specific OSB, being the first in worldwide production, is imported in Greece for your houses by KOFINAS SA.
  • Water resistant: which means that it acts as a moisture barrier for your house.

The Canexel wall cladding system, which is:

Επένδυση Ξύλινης Κατοικίας

the most advanced wooden wall cladding system, for which the world leader of composite wood products, LP company, has chosen Kofinas Company as exclusive distributor for Greece and Cyprus.

  • Water resistant and durable: The canexel wall siding is manufactured using wood fibers, resin and wax. This engineered wood siding is highly stable, as well as highly resistant to moisture, with a 25 year warranty.
  • Prefinished: which means that the siding is finished with the color of your choice in the plant, according to your choice from a wide variety of colors and it does not crack or blur and that’s why the finish is covered with a 15 year warranty.

Swedish timber quality certification

Swedish timber that we use quality certification, Pinus Silvestris class

Ecological production certification

Ecological production certification of the Swedish timber that we use

Canadian OSB certification

Canadian OSB certification

CANEXEL siding warranties

CANEXEL siding warranties that we use

Design for people with disabilities


KOFINAS company can adapt any house design or create a new one from scratch, supporting the “design for all” fundamentals, ensuring access for people with disabilities.

Fully factory produced

The Kofinas company constructs each masonry piece in the factory using TORX screws and always follows strictly the following production steps of the company:

Εξ ολοκλήρου εργοστασιακή κατασκευή

The factory construction ensures the superb stability of each masonry piece and the zero relaxation through time.

The ready-made masonry pieces act as monolithic bodies , which can withstand any oscillation, ensuring the high seismic resistance and most of all, the robustness of the Kofinas construction.

Your house is NOT constructed on-site!

The Kofinas company innovates, since the technical defects due to the on-site construction of the masonry belong to the distant past.

Ready-made factory masonry

Μεταφορά και τοποθέτηση

The factory masonry pieces are loaded on privately owned trucks and cranes, carried to the site and they are clamped on the concrete base.The assembling is done wall by wall in a minimum amount of time.

Leveling using laser equipment

The installation on the concrete base is done with absolute accuracy using laser leveling equipment, which can corner and align the masonry on the horizontal and vertical levels at a maximum accuracy level..

Τοποθέτηση με τεχνολογία LASER
Τοποθέτηση με τεχνολογία LASER
Τοποθέτηση με τεχνολογία LASER

Constant scientific and experimental research


The Kofinas company is not satisfied by a single theoretical research, but moves further, investing in the experimental research in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens! In 2009, we tested the response of the building system of the company against seismic action utilizing the seismic simulator of the NTUA. The undeniable results confirm the sturdiness and the quality of our construction.

In 2011, we move even further and we make a new experiment with a three-story construction with equally impressive results!

No matter the objective certification that the above researches have already offered to the company, we keep moving further with new experiments to come

Click here to see the Videos, the comments of the scientists and the technical report of the scientific experiments of our company

Anti-seismic resistance

Anti-seismic resistance

The Kofinas houses are proven to be (and not generally speaking) totally anti-seismic constructions. The company, being sure about the robustness of the masonry, did not rest on a theoretical level but tested and certified the strength through scientific researches.

The screw, which is robotically placed on all the parts of the house, the metal brackets, with which we “tie” the construction, the oversizing of the bearing structure through mechanical study and the enforcement, at the stress points, through a special statical computer program, are the technological advantages that persuaded top scientists to speak in public about the anti-seismic behavior of the Kofinas constructions.

Implementation of Passive designs – Energy Efficiency

Kofinas company, as a member of the Hellenic Passive House Institute, can implement passive design constructions. Utilizing solutions of ventilation and heat recovery over the existing leading construction system, we are in position to build houses that, practically, require zero expenses for cooling and heating.

Η εταιρεία Κοφινάς μέλος του Ελληνικού Ινστιτούτου Παθητικού Κτιρίου

It is obvious that constructions from Kofinas company easily cover the requirements greek building energy efficiency regulation (ΚΕΝΑΚ).

Ελληνικός κανονισμός ενεργειακής απόδοσης κτιρίων (ΚΕΝΑΚ)

The Kofinas construction, apart from the maximum thermo-insulation provided by the masonry with a factor that reaches as low as 0,11 W/m2K, can offer you a variety of options in order to further improve the energy efficiency of your new house, something that has not only an ecological impact, but also reduces the expenses of the household, since you pay less for heating, watering and electricity.

Thermography of buildings

Our company owns the technology and know-how to test and ensure optimal energy and thermal behaviour of buildings.

Μέτρηση θερμομονωτικής συμπεριφοράς

Green Banking Portal by Piraeus Bank

The Kofinas company by fulfilling the environmental, social and economic criteria, became a member of green entrepreneurship of the Green Banking Portal by Piraeus Bank. Piraeus Bank has created this space to interact businesses and investors who are related to the “Green Business” and in particular with activities such as:

Green Banking Portal by Piraeus Bank

  • Renewable Energy Sources (RES)
  • Saving Energy
  • Alternative Waste and Water Management
  • Green Chemistry
  • Green Transportation
  • Organic Agriculture
  • Ecotourism – Agrotourism

Health and ecology

Health and ecology

All the materials used by Kofinas company are chosen so as to have the least possible impact on your health and the environment. That’s why our timber is furniced, not infused with chemicals, like the green-colored timber (click here to see our ecological timber certification), the Knauf gypsum boards are made of natural gypsum and have been biologically checked by an international institution and the glues are certified for use for house construction.

We believe that the best way is the natural way and we apply this belief to each and every house we construct.

Furthermore, our collaborating factory plants three new trees for every one that is cut, in respect towards the natural environment.

Choice of delivery stage

Choice of delivery stage

Every house that Kofinas company constructs, can be delivered to the client in any stage he wishes:

  • Do it yourself (“kit”)
  • Stage 1 (“semi-complete”)
  • Stage 2 (“complete”)

We offer you solutions in order to complete your house even more economically. We can deliver the house to you in kit form or in incomplete form (stage 1) along with instructions for the remaining works and with suggestions of specialized crews so as to complete the stage 2 yourself.

This way, depending on the stage you will select, you can gain up to 30% of the total construction cost of your house.

Click here to see the delivery options.

Unlimited kitchen cupboards and bedroom wardrobes

Ντουλάπια κουζίνας και ντουλάπες υπνοδωματίων ελεύθερα σε μέτρα

We offer you the capability to install unlimited meters of kitchen cupboards and bedroom wardrobes, without any extra charges.

You can choose between various colors and designs, in order to equip your house according to your personal taste!

Click here to see examples of house equipment choices

Numerous certifications and Kοfinas warranty of quality and static adequacy

Πολυάριθμες πιστοποιήσεις και εγγύηση ποιότητας και στατικής επάρκειας Κoφινάς

Kofinas company is certified by Greek and international institutions for all the materials we use and also for our construction.

This way, our constant quality and reliability, which characterize every house we build since 1977, is proved.

Click here to see our certifications.

We build houses all over Greece and abroad

We build houses all over Greece and abroad

We can construct your new house in every area of Greece..

You can contact Kofinas company or any of our partners for more information.

We can construct every house design

Yλοποιήσουμε κάθε σχεδίου

The specialized engineers of “Kofinas” company can study and realize any house design, either brought by the client or created with the client’s instructions.

Alternatively, you can choose a house from our catalog and use it or alter it according to your needs!

There are no boundaries, so we can respond to every need there might be!

A “relaxed” procedure for the customer

A basic principle of “Kofinas” company is the hassle-free procedure for our customers. Our company is handling all the phases of the construction from the beginning to the end. So all the time-consuming procedures, such as the permit of the house and the construction of the concrete base are entirely processed by our specialized personnel. In this way the role of our customers is just observe the construction of their house.

Collaborating companies

We collaborate with the largest and most trusted companies so that they can respond to the high construction standards set by our company.

You can find a list of our collaborating companies by clicking here.

Experience and successful course

>Since 1977, we have been experimentally studying and improving our wooden constructions and our expertise. We are in position to offer solid and reliable solutions and we do not rest, but we keep moving forward with constant research and scientific experiments.

Our customer’s satisfaction proves our successful course through time and the quality that describes the Kofinas brand!

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