How is a prefabricated house constructed?

  • How is a prefabricated house constructed?

    The continuous masonry production production of company, gives us the advantage of being able to import large amounts of building materials. With the mass import we can achieve better prices, thus we are able to buy the “expensive” (for the Greek market) building materials, which are of the best quality worldwide.

    Materials like:

    The timber of the masonry, which is:

    Sweden Wood
    • Swedish: which means that it is really compact.
    • Pine: which means better moisture resistance.
    • Dried: which means that the timber is furniced for weeks, undergoing a natural deworming process, and also reaches the ideal, for house construction, level of humidity which is 15-16%.
    • Ecological: which means that the timber does not contain chemical loads and that the policy of the Swedish Timber Industry aids with the absorption of carbon dioxide.
    • Planned: which means that it has perfectly flat surfaces which, in conjunction with the factory connection methods, we can achieve a perfect assembly with no margins at the joints for all the construction parts of the house.
    • C24 class: which means that it has great mechanical strength, showing up to 80% more carrying capacity when compared to conventional timber.

    The OSB shielding for the masonry, which is:

    Canadian OSB
    • Canadian, from the LP factory: which means maximum mechanical strength and superior quality on an international level ! This specific OSB, being the first in worldwide production, is imported in Greece for your houses by .
    • Water resistant: which means that it acts as a moisture barrier for your house.

  • Βήμα 2: Κατασκευή στο εργοστάσιο

    The company innovates, since the technical defects due to the on-site construction of the masonry now belong to the distant past.

    Our company constructs the masonry in the factory, using TORX screws, and always strictly following the construction steps:

    • How is a prefabricated house constructed?
    • How is a prefabricated house constructed?
    • How is a prefabricated house constructed?
    • How is a prefabricated house constructed?
    • How is a prefabricated house constructed?
    • How is a prefabricated house constructed?
    • 1. Cornered

      The Swedish beams that form the wooden frame are cut and set on alignment tables.

      There, we achieve a perfect cornering and alignment of the wooden parts of every wall constructed.

    • 2. Pressed

      The wooden frame on which every wall is built, as well as the corners and the nodes, are pressed removing any gaps there might be.

      This way, we have a perfect assembly of the wooden elements, awaiting for the next step, which is screwing them together.

    • 3. Screwed

      The wooden beams are screwed together using ΤΟRΧ screws.

      The hem of the screw, combined with the absolute assembly that has already been achieved, “tie” the frame and form a very important factor of reinforcement for the masonry and for the construction in general, as proved by the experimental researches in the National Technical University of Athens.

    • 4. Thermo – insulated

      At the gaps of the wooden frame, we install ECOSE Technology mineral wool (A1 category – inflammable material).

      The natural mineral wool offers exceptional thermo-insulation, sound insulation and resistance to fire. Knauf Insulation mineral wool with ECOSE Technology contains a formaldehyde-free conjoiner, which is produced by rapidly renewable organic materials and does not contain petrol-based chemicals.

    • 5. Water insulated and shielded

      The bottom of the wooden frame, which will be in contact with the concrete base, is waterproofed using an asphaltic membrane, thus minimizing any possibility of humidity penetration at the most critical part of the house – the base

      The wall is then shielded on both sides using Canadian water resistant OSB, which is water proofing and sound proofing the wall even more. The ΟSB also multiplies the strength of the wall, having great mechanical strength and acting as a strut against distortion forces and as a shield as well against impacting or bending forces.

    • 6. Tested

      Each finished wall, before being stored, is carefully checked, and if no faults of any kind are found, it is stamped, certified its appropriateness and the high quality of company masonry!

    The advantages of the factory production are of crucial importance.

    It offers an absolute assembly of the parts of each wall (timber, OSB) and zero loosing through time is achieved.

    The ready masonry parts act as monolithic bodies, as bearing walls, which respond to any type of oscillation. This way, we have a high seismic resistance and most of all, the robustness and quality of construction is ensured.

  • Βήμα 3: Μεταφορά και τοποθέτηση

    The factory masonry pieces are loaded on privately owned trucks and cranes, carried to the site and they are clamped on the concrete base.The assembling is done wall by wall in a minimum amount of time.

    Μεταφορά και τοποθέτηση

    The installation on the concrete base is done with absolute accuracy using laser leveling equipment, which can corner and align the masonry on the horizontal and vertical levels at a maximum accuracy level.

    Τοποθέτηση με τεχνολογία LASER
    Τοποθέτηση με τεχνολογία LASER
    Τοποθέτηση με τεχνολογία LASER

    Transport and installation of a 2-house complex in Porto Rafti

  • Βήμα 4: Ολοκλήρωση και παράδοση

    The construction, loyal to the high quality, equips and completes each house using the most modern solutions, not only for the design but for the functionality as well.

    Every material comes with a guarantee and an origin certification. As a matter of fact, upon delivery of a complete house, the customer receives a folio with all the guarantees and the certifications of the construction.

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