Lecture through a webinar at Education Festival 2021 (IEK ALPHA)


On Monday 5/4/2021 the Department of Applied Arts of IEK ALPHA in the framework of Education Festival 2021 organizes a free Webinar on the topic: “GREEN BUILDING OF HOUSES WITH WOODEN FRAMEWORK” with the main speaker Mr. Kofinas Michalis.



The speaker of KOFINAS SA, started his presentations with references to the raw materials of wood, to wood as a building material and finally to the prefabricated wooden houses of the company and their technological characteristics, thus explaining why the prefabricated houses with wooden frame can be characterized ” green “, which means green building as well as the differences in energy consumption with a conventional house.


During the presentation, a number of questions were asked through the platform which were conveyed to the rapporteur, Ms. Stavrousi, and the interest of the attendees was maximum with the main questions focusing: on the protection of wood, insulation materials, the guarantees given by the company, current situation, in the quality of wood raw materials, in the quality control of the elements, in the thermal insulation and the seismicity, and also in the satisfaction of the customers who have already ‘built’ their own (wooden) house.


It should be noted that the company Kofinas SA specializes in the construction of prefabricated houses for 44 years. Particular emphasis was placed on: a) the high ecological value of these structures, b) the ideal interior environment, c) the modern insulation and waterproofing materials, d) the high know-how that exists, and e) in terms of cost, it was emphasized that such a house is’ competitive. The company, finally, made a proposal to Mrs. Stavrousi in the context of the internship of the students of the school or even for an educational trip to visit the new factory of European standards of the company Kofinas to see up close the certified materials of the company and the factory way of construction .




As part of a global development, the company has also focused on the energy sector of construction.

 So in a large part of his speech Mr. Kofinas explained how the masonry of the company is made and why he chose this way.

The use of Swedish and Finnish wood as the main building material makes the house completely ecological since in the construction of houses the replacement of conventional building materials by wood, reduces by 1.1 tons per cubic meter the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Especially when the company cooperates with factories producing Swedish and Finnish timber, in which for each tree that is cut down, three to five are planted, producing a negative carbon footprint.