1-story house Ι-197, total surface of 197.02 m², Covered roofed areas 87,32 m²

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Living rooms
Dining rooms
Storage rooms

Floor Plans

Ground plan of KOFINAS house code Ι 197

KOFINAS S.A. suggests a 1-story house of a total capacity of 197.02 m², consisting of four bedrooms, a living room, an office space, a dining room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and a storage room.


Presentation KOFINAS house code I-197

360 interior presentation of  KOFINAS  house with code  I-197

1-story house Ι-197, total surface of 197.02 m², Covered roofed areas 87,32 m²

Kofinas S.A company suggests an 1-story house of a total 197.02 m²

(1-story house I-197), as your dream home. This ideal construction, made of Swedish timber, offers a modern exterior design with suggested stone layers of your own preference. The unique exterior design of the I-197, can be modified according to personal tastes and expectations, as well as matching the total surrounding with a swimming pool, which adds the final touch to the total design by giving the construction an appealing sense.

Stepping into the interior of I-197, you get acquainted with the exceptional ambience of a spacious, cosy and comfortable living room joining with an office room and a functional kitchen space. Combined with wide frames, the apparent trend of minimal design provides a bright and warm interior.

Since wood is widely accepted as king of all materials, it always works wonders. Especially, when it comes to the field of construction.

Consequently, in the case of prefabricated houses, the feeling of wood is predominant (from smell to texture), by giving the total sense of tranquility and relaxation, as it generates positive vibes by playing a significant role in a person’s mood.

Kofinas S.A prefabricated houses offer this unique sense as their efficiency in the total construction can, literally, transform this design into the house of your dreams.

For this reason, the feeling of staying in such a house, cannot be explained for it is simply experienced. Kofinas S.A wide variety of prefab designs can provide the ideal place for you and your beloved ones. Either in the form of a country house or a main residence, our company is always on the alert and ready to adapt its constructions in order to suit any personal choice and vision of the ideal type of residence.

In Kofinas series of prefabricated houses, you will have the chance to find options of wooden homes of high durability and stand the test of time, along with low energy consumption.

With endless potentials for landscaping, our homes are designed in a bioclimatic way, to allow opening, shading systems, orientation and mechanical equipment. In this way, provision of internal climatic conditions is successfully achieved, by saving energy for heating, cooling and lighting.

In other words, all these factors may simply justify the fact that, Kofinas Houses are of incomparable quality by constantly receiving certificates of A’ Class Energy Efficiency.