Global distinction for Mr. G. Mantanis professor and collaborator of the research department of KOFINAS SA


Karditsa: Global distinction for Professor G. Mantanis of the University of Thessaly – Elected member of the International Academy of Wood Sciences – What he emphasizes in APE-MPE

Trikala: By Apostolis Zoi

The promotion and election of Professor Georgios I. Mantanis as a full member of the International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS) – for his recognized research work, is in every respect an important, distinct recognition of the University of Thessaly. in the subject of wood sciences.

The International Academy of Wood Sciences, as it is known, awards every year prominent scientists and researchers of wood who stand out in the fields of wood sciences, as well as for their important academic work.

Prof. Mantanis becomes the third Greek wood scientist in a row – after the late Professor Georgios T. Tsoumis of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Professor Stavros Avramidis of the University of British Columbia in Canada – who receives this important academic distinction. This distinction is a special honor for the University of Thessaly and the new Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design, which is based in the city of Karditsa. As he points out in APE-MPE, “A long journey of thirty years reaches a fantastic goal: the International Academy of Wood Science (IAWS), the academy that accepts wood scientists who have distinguished themselves for their research and work in general.” .

He adds: “I feel happy for this award, primarily satisfaction because together with my colleagues, 20 years ago, we started and finally” put “Karditsa on the world scientific map of” wood “through hundreds of hours of hard work and hard work. “I thank from the bottom of my heart all my collaborators! Without cooperation and joint work you can not achieve high goals, cooperation is everything”.

Regarding the new department, the Department of Forestry, Wood Sciences and Design, the professor emphasizes: “In our department, among other subjects related to forestry and the natural environment, in our direction of responsibility, almost all fields are taught today of wood sciences, and young children if they show will, zeal and love for wood and construction but also design, can acquire valuable skills and knowledge. Today these items are in good demand in the Greek market and our graduates can have remarkable professional prospects. But the recipe is one: work – work – work. “

The new department has perfect infrastructure and modern building facilities, 3 amphitheaters, 20 laboratory and teaching rooms, 45 offices, in three buildings within a nice university campus.

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