Flexyhome: What is it?

Housing every need….!

• as a main residence
• as a cottage
• as a guest house
• as auxiliary space
• as rooms for rent
• as anything you might need…

The building system of , tested by the National Technical University of Athens, which amazed specialists and scientists, is cladded with creating the , a construction that corresponds to all your needs!

is a wood product specifically used as cladding, which is prepainted and offers a factory warranty of 15 years. Additionally, you can pick a color from our palette, thus satisfying every taste!

The is an ultramodern product of Kofinas SA and a synonym for flexibility!

The is a house that adapts to your style and your personal needs and it can be used any way you prefer !

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519 Mesogeion Avenue, Aghia Paraskevi, Attika
T: +30 210 6081307
F: +30 210 6016177