Making a real contribution to sustainable development

Making a real contribution to sustainable development

All these years, “Kofinas” construction has been designed to help solve global environmental problems such as CO2 emissions, greenhouse effect, global warming and natural resource imbalance.

Our company strives to minimize negative environmental impacts, enhancing efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy and space. More simply, the idea of ​​sustainable development is to ensure that our actions and our decisions today do not hamper the opportunities of future generations.

We achieve it following three main directions:

1. Environmental sustainability

The strategic planning of our constructions is based on the reduction of greenhouse gases regarding the production of the raw materials of a home during its construction and its life span.

2. Bioclimatic design

The house is designed to provide thermal and lighting comfort. For this purpose, it utilizes solar energy, the local climate as well as the properties of building materials and architectural elements.

3. Economic viability

The house is designed to save money during its life because:
α) its construction technology reduces the need to use heating and cooling energy
β) any cost for future maintenance is minimized.