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The company KOFINAS SA presents its new GARAGE series. Her proposal for your new Garage comes with two new codes. Kofinas company innovates without resting. It is constantly introducing new elements in the construction of houses. So she can now suggest you her new garage line.

Garages, with the use of timber of northern europe as the main building material(Nordic spruce) , make the house completely ecological. Since in construction the replacement of conventional building materials by wood, reduces by 1.1 tons per cubic meter the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Especially when the company cooperates with factories producing Swedish and Finnish or even northern europe timber, in which for every tree that is cut, three to five new ones are planted, producing a negative carbon footprint.


Wood is for us the king of materials. The feeling, created by living in such a prefabricated house is not explained, it is just experienced. Home for you and your family to live in or a cottage for your rest. We have a wide variety of prefabricated designs, ready to adapt to any personal choices and requirements. In the KOFINAS range you will also find options in wooden houses with high durability and low energy consumption. The possibilities for the layout of the spaces are endless. In addition, the houses are designed in a bioclimatic manner, through the openings, shading systems, orientation and mechanical equipment to have the necessary indoor climate conditions and to save energy for heating, cooling and lighting. So the houses of the company Kofinas have already received certificates of energy efficiency A!

That is why the motto of our company is:

"Our goal is not to build more houses, our goal is to build better houses!"