Materials’ certificates

“Kofinas – Wood Houses from Finland” company, through long experience which has been methodically gathered since 1977, keeps studying and investing with specialized human resources into new innovative solutions for your wooden house.

Having one of the most powerfull Finnish associations (Lameco – Rantasalmi) as our partner, our company ” Kofinas – Log Houses from Finland” can offer you the most technologically advanced solutions for the construction of your new wooden house.

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Finnish Laminate Timber: “Kofinas – Log houses from Finland” company uses high quality Finnish timber. At the limits of the Arctic Circle, where the timber is sorted, the cold weather conditions make the wood very hard and solid, with high specific weight and high mechanical resistance to crushing and bending. There, the trees grow slowly and they are cut after 80 to 120 years.

The certified LAMINATE factory process provides moisture protection and prevents cracking and distortion of the trunk, while offering top heat insulation to your house.



Thermolog: The solution for energy efficiency in timber buildings: certified decay resistance combined with the performance of resin-free and ecological Lunawood® thermal wood. The result of Lameco’s continuous and successful product development. Improved timber dimensional stability stands for decreased indentation and better wall sealing.



ThermoFloor: It is a new glued floorboard that feels comfortable under your feet. The new LamecoThermoFloor® is a superior solution for wooden floors. The wide, glued floorboard is quick and easy to install. LamecoThermoFloor® is easy to finish with the for instance by painting, waxing, lacquering or oiling.



ThermoWall: It is a glued and aesthetically pleasing thermal wood wall panel. The new LamecoThermoWall® is a superior solution for exterior cladding and interior decoration panelling. The wide, glued wall panel is quick and easy to install. The untreated LamecoThermoWall® wall is easy to finish for instance by painting, waxing, lacquering or oiling.



LamecoLog: The laminated products are produced out of high quality coniferous timber, which is carefully optimized to the production. They do not dent, bend or crack. As a result of accurate manufacturing, the products are precise and beautiful.



Airlock: Lameco’s patented notch type! New building regulations require buildings to have a thick structure with a good thermal conductance coefficient and air tightness. The patented and tested LamecoAirLock® corner solution guarantees 50 % better sealed timber corners.


Profin frames: All the frames we use for our house constructions are made by Finnish company Profin, which is one of the top frame manufacturers worldwide. Their products are known for their great resistance against time wear, their top thermo and sound insulation, their perfect functionality and their most advanced technology. We can offer wooden frames equipped with double or triple glass (with argon gas), which can reduce the thermal conductivity value down to 0,60 W/m2K.

The building procedure of your new house are in absolute accordance with the Finnish Code of materials and construction, which offers the best possible result.

At the beginning, the logs are cut into beams and sorted, thus choosing only those that are naturally stronger.




The timber is moved to the factory and stored in a drier. When we reach the adequate moisture for the logs (12% – 14%), the LAMINATE processing begins. This means that two to eight beams are joined so that the heart of the log lies on the outer side of the composite body.

This kind of processing is the best for the climate of Greece, because it results into great thermo-insulation and mechanical strength for the wood.
In case an even longer beam is needed, we can join two of the laminated beams created, using the largest and most advanced machine in Europe.

Every laminate beam is tested, exposed to extreme temperature changes and aging, so as to verify the excellent quality and to ensure its long life and endurance.

Afterwards, we choose the correct size of the beams based on the plan of the house, which is created according to the choices of every client and to his personal taste. Then we can finalize the details of the construction of the house.

The house is designed and analyzed using computers, having zero tolerance and using the most advanced software solutions. As a result, we can calculate even the slightest detail, since the factory equipment will automatically fabricate the beams of the construction one by one. This way we leave no margins for errors that could cause deficiencies.

Finally the composite logs are cut in detail by a computer, to finally build the wooden log house that you have imagined.


The finished products are then packed and transferred to our company, which will take care of the rest of the construction steps, giving results that satisfy even the most demanding clients since 1977!