Why a Kofinas house?

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Congratulations on your new house!
A wish that - Prefabricated Houses company keeps offering you the chance to hear since 1977. For years, the top company of the prefabricated houses field, leads you to your own house fast and most of all, economically. We have developed our own philosophy about houses - we consider them to be an outer shell for human, which need to be in harmony with the natural environment.
A prefabricated house designed according to the modern architectural trends, with comfortable and functional spaces, all in a few square meters. For this reason, we never negotiate our choice of ecological materials for the construction. Wood is the king of materials for us. The feeling created when staying in such a house cannot be described, but only experienced. A main house for you and your family or a vacation house for your relaxation.
We have a large variety of prefabricated house designs, ready to be adjust based on your personal choices and requirements. The possibilities for the arrangement of the spaces are limitless. Our company collaborates with numerous architectural engineers and specialized personnel, who will responsibly deliver your house ready to be inhabited. You can monitor all the stages of the construction of the prefab house you will choose.
That's why we are addressing to you, who are looking for something unique, special. Who do not see a house only as "four walls", but as an extension of your personality. Our people will provide you with all the necessary information, not only till you settle in your new prefabricated house, but also afterwards. And that is the most important thing... to keep our relation warm... homely, like it began!